Stock management software

Keeping your stock in check with Warehouse Manager 200

Stock management software

Warehouse Manager 200

When it comes to organising your stock simply and efficiently, Warehouse Manager is one of the most advanced warehouse management systems for Sage 200.

Based on the market-leading Datalinx Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Manager 200 lets you use wireless handhelds for accurate, real-time warehouse management.

It’s also the only Sage Certified and Sage Approved warehouse management system in the UK and Europe. So all Sage 200 software updates are Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 compatible.

This means you can upgrade your Sage and Datalinx systems whenever you like, so you’ll never get stuck using out of date versions of the Sage software.

When stock or raw materials arrive at the warehouse the software can record all receipts and not only quantities but also SSCC codes, batch and serial numbers and best before dates. Delivering the ability to rapidly and accurately receive stock into any business ensures that you can continue to run your warehouse as efficiently as possible.

Re-allocating stock is often a tricky area, but with the flexibility and versatility of Warehouse Manager 200 by setting up picking rules the process is much more fluid.

Warehouse Manager 200 gives you a long list of valuable benefits to all your warehouse and stock handling processes from goods receipt, project accounting and sales order picking, to dynamic stock taking, manufacturing, and transfer and warehouse operations.

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