Creating a strategic plan

Helping growing businesses grow faster.

Few clients have a well developed strategy process. Most are good at day-to-day management; reacting to opportunities and problems as they arise.

This can mean they fail to grow as intended, fail to reach longer term objectives, and can find themselves overtaken by changes in the market.

Our team will help you create and implement a mid-term strategy that defines your future market position. Clear strategy makes it easier to plan and implement changes that deliver competitive advantage. From this, growth and profit can flow.

The process normally involves:

  • Creating a draft strategy
  • Initial implementation, which tests its realism
  • Refinement of the strategy (as an ongoing process)
  • Internal development, including areas such as; process and technology, leadership and governance or product and innovation
  • External development to address areas such as; mergers and acquisitions, new market entry, joint ventures or sales and marketing

This sort of strategy implementation will make your business more attractive to third party investors, whether you wish to raise capital for growth or exit.


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