10 Gifts for busy business people!

Need some inspiration for Christmas presents for all the entrepreneurs, business owners and busy people you know? Here’s our pick of the top gifts as recommended by the people here at Price Bailey. Here we go…


1. Livescribe smartpen


This is the pen of the future – When you write down your important meeting notes, your words are automatically synced with your smartphone or tablet. When you check your device you’ll see your notes stored ready to use. Not only that, your words can be converted into digital text ready for emails or word documents. You’ll no longer need to spend hours typing up your minutes.

Available at Amazon


2. Panic stress button


We can all have too much work on, but sometimes what we really need is an instant solution. When you press the big red button, there are a few things that could happen, one of which is for your screen will be covered with explosions! So when someone asks you for something at 5:30pm late on a Friday you’ll now know what to do.

Available at ThinkGeek


3. Fitbit


These wristband fitness trackers are all part of the modern way of keeping active and healthy. You can record your heart rate, track your daily exercise activity, understand how well you’re sleeping and analyse your daily progress all in the Fitbit app.

Available at Amazon


4. Sleepy pillow


If work is getting too tiring or if you’re simply having a bad hair day then this head pillow is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed, even if you may look a little like a deep-sea diver.

Available at Amazon


5.  Moleskin with Evernote


The Moleskin is a classic notepad, but with the extra 3 months subscription to the Evernote app this makes it even better. You’ll be able to take photos of your notes and then synchronise them with the Evernote app to digitalise them.

Available at Amazon


6. Coffee machine with timer


There’s nothing like waking up to a fresh cup of coffee already made for you. Many coffee machines now come with timers meaning your early morning brew will be ready and waiting for when you get up in the morning.

Available at Amazon


7. Book: 101 Things to Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone


We’re all guilty of being on our phones too much and this book aims to cure us of our tech addition. This is also a nice hint to someone who can’t keep away from their emails at the dinner table.

Available at Amazon


8. Washable keyboard


Our desktop keyboards have a habit of collecting crumbs, dust and all sorts. If your keyboard is starting to look like the bottom of a toaster then the washable keyboard might just be the solution to help keep a tidy desk and tidy mind (let alone your basic hygiene).

Available at Amazon


9. Smartphone powerbank


Smartphone batteries aren’t like the old Nokia 3310’s (which in my records once made it to 8 days and 7 hours without recharging). The newer smartphones can struggle to last one day, so these power banks can be a real saviour when you need to make a lot of calls.

Available at Amazon


10. Audible subscription


Audible is Amazon’s audiobook download and streaming service. Sometimes we’re too busy to read when we’re on the go, so the next best thing is being read to. This is particularly good for those who drive a lot and can listen to their favourite books on the road. It’s relaxing and can provide a good de-stress between working hours.

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