What can awards do for your business? We speak to the winners of the Private Dentistry Awards

The Private Dentistry Awards on 11th December 2015 was a time to celebrate the best smiles in the business.

With independent and vastly experienced judges selecting winners for categories such as Practice of the Year and Best Patient Care, the event showcased some of the very best in Private Dentistry.

We ourselves work with many dentistry practices as their accountants and as such we really know what awards can do for business. Awards not only give you recognition, but can give your business a lift and take it to the next level, through:

  • PR opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Benchmarking
  • Motivation
  • Customer confidence

Awards open up doors and can help to grow your business. We spoke to some of the winners at the Private Dentistry Awards to find out what the award means to them:

“The whole process was in fact energising and inspiring for the team.  At the beginning of each year in January we have a big strategic planning meeting with all our team members when we set our long and short term goals. One of which was gaining national recognition for the brilliant work that each of our team members do for our patients at the practice. And what better way to achieve the national recognition than to enter the most prestigious dentistry awards.

This kept the whole team motivated throughout the year and being rewarded at the end of last year was an amazing experience because it clearly illustrated to everyone what we can achieve when we are genuinely united and focused towards a shared vision.

Our main source of patients has always been existing patients’ referrals and these awards have certainly reassured our existing patients who were more inspired to recommend us to their family and friends.”

Aida Mujan, Practice Manager at Covent Garden Dental Practice
Winner of: Best team (London) and Practice of the Year (London)

Having a clear goal to achieve an award gave the Practice a stronger focus throughout the year and also inspired motivation. Not only that but it also enhanced their main source of business. Claire Morgans at the Chiswell Green Dental Centre also highlighted her teams’ motivation as well as the importance of using the award to grow the business.

“Winning the Best Referral Practice Award at the 2015 Private Dentistry Awards was an honour and is greatly appreciated, we feel it shows true recognition of Chiswell Green Dental Centre. This award endorses our specialists, nursing team and admin support staff, valuing the high quality of expertise and customer care we pride ourselves in providing to our patients. The award is something we will be proud to promote to all our current and future patients and referring dentists.”

Claire Morgans, Practice Secretary at Chiswell Green Dental Centre 
Winner of: Best Referral Practice

Avril McLintock also highlighted the reward for the team and talent within their workforce: 

“I am absolutely delighted that Visage have received these awards.  It is such a triumph to be recognised as the Best Practice in the UK at the Private Dentistry Awards and it is a testament to the dedication of the team at Visage.  I feel very privileged to be working with a like-minded team who are focussed on delivering excellence in each of their chosen fields.  At Visage we work tirelessly together to achieve our common goal and I believe that it is this ethos that has been fundamental in us being recognised as the best in our field.  Our team will continue to offer our patients the very highest of standard of care.”

Avril McLintock, Practice Manager at Visage Glasgow 
Winner of: Private Dentistry’s Overall Practice of the Year, Most Invaluable Team Member and Practice of the Year (North) 

In business it’s hard to know where you’re at and where you’re going, but with recognition comes confidence and the knowledge that you are going about your business in the right way. 

“We were elated to win this prestigious award. It highlights the hard work and commitment of our team and pays tribute to the excellence of the talented workforce that designed and built the clinic. We are honoured that our ethos of exemplary customer service and clinical care has been recognised in this way.”

Dr Adyl Asani, Clinical Director at TwentyOneDental
Winner of: Best New Practice

Of course, it is difficult to prove how much of a direct impact an award can have on new business. However it is not often about direct sales, as we have seen from the above. An award, in one stamp of approval can provide that extra added value, that lasting impression and be the deal-breaker, as well as being a great motivational tool. On the other hand, if you were unfortunate on the night, then you have something to benchmark yourself against next time around!

We would like to congratulate all the winners on their fantastic triumphs and also the Private Dentistry Awards for a great evening!

You can find out more about the Private Dentistry Awards at their website. You can also talk to us to find out more about our specialist dentistry accountancy services.


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