Charities sector update May 2023 seminars

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Our latest charity sector seminar, ‘ Governance, building resilience and managing risk!’,  slides are now available!

Experts at Price Bailey hosted three fantastic seminars across our London, Norwich and Cambridge offices. These sessions looked at how the Board needs to manage the organisation in current times, and how effective communication is critical to decision making and steering your charity through the challenges of 2023. The seminar was split into the following two sessions:

Session 1 – Governance and leadership

This session considered the role of leadership in managing organisations and delivering on a strategy which may need revision and change. In times of crisis, it is strong and effective leadership that solves the challenges facing their organisations. Effective communication throughout the organisation with the right ‘tone from the top’ helps build a strong culture, empower the team and bring about effective change. It is more important than ever that you have the right governance processes and structures in place. We will challenge you to look at your organisation and assess your strengths and weaknesses and how you may need to change.

Session 2 – Risks and building resilience

This session looked at the critical risks facing charities in 2023, from decreasing income to increasing costs and the ways that charities should be managing these risks for effective decision making. Should you be spending reserves? How can you budget forecast and make informed decisions in such challenging times? What other imminent changes in the legislation, the sector and government need to be factored into this planning? And what support is out there for charities to tap into?


Session 1 – Governance and leadership

Session 2 – Risks and building resilience 


Download Governance and leadership slides

Download Risks and building resilience slides

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