Sign up to Sage 200c before 19th December and receive 20% off new user licences


With the launch of Sage 200c this year, a wealth of new features and benefits were added which address a number of key customer pain points.   

These changes significantly enhance the Sage 200 offering and make it a more attractive solution for you. Sage continually update the product with the latest technology to bring you the freedom to work how and when you want.

With the continued investment in development and quality of services, Sage have reviewed their pricing and from 1st February 2018 will be increasing the price of Sage 200 software and services by 5%. The rise will apply to all existing and new licences issued or renewed on or after that date, irrespective of which version of Sage 200 you are currently using.

In advance of this rise, Sage is offering a special discount of 20% on new users (desktop, suite or CRM; not web users) and this will run until 19th December 2017. The table below shows the RRP and discounted cost of the various user types at the different user count breaks.

Pricing table



  • All rates are per user and exclude VAT.
  • The user rate is based upon the total number after adding new users i.e. a 9-user site adding 2 additional users will be charged at the 11-20 rate, not 1 at up to 10 and 1 at 11-20.
  • The user counts relate to the individual licence type and cannot be combined to determine which user bracket the licences will be charged at.
  • The annual Services is fixed and does not change with the user breaks. The actual charge will be pro-rated to your next renewal of the main Sage 200 licence.

If you would like to discuss the above or place an order for additional users, please contact Alan Becker


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