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Credit control software

Improving your cash flow with Credit Hound

Credit control software

The right software to stay on top of your finances

Credit Hound for Sage 50 and is inexpensive, award-winning credit control software that can streamline your organisation’s credit control.

This add on is designed specifically to help you reduce the time it takes to get paid so your cash flow keeps moving and you don’t waste precious time. Its built-in features help you to reduce debt and understand critical business information.

With Credit Hound you can automate self-chasing, log and control disputes, set diary reminders and improve CRM for credit control. You can see who owes you money and how much at a quick glance. It’s a powerful software package that you’ll find pays for itself within weeks.

Features of Credit Hound credit management software:

  • automated self-chasing and contact management
  • automated diary scheduling
  • debt chasing
  • in depth chase history
  • dispute handling
  • automated follow up notices
  • flexible reporting and letter customisation 

Credit Hound

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