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Manufacturing software

Sage Manufacturing software is an industry-specific system to help those in manufacturing  run every part of their organisation more efficiently and profitably. It seamlessly streamlines processes between your suppliers, the shop floor and your customers.

Sage Manufacturing is designed to help you cut costs, schedule your production, control product quality, manage your cash flow, access information from across your business, and improve customer service and reporting. It is available as part of the larger Sage 200 software and smaller Sage 50 system. 

Sage 200 Manufacturing

This optional module with Sage 200 Extra covers your entire manufacturing process, including planning, order processing, materials and stock management.

It lets you standardise and simplify production scheduling, and reduce costs and delivery times. It also helps you improve productivity by monitoring production processes and tracking components through the whole manufacturing cycle.

  • standardise and streamline production scheduling so you can coordinate your distribution channels and get automated reports
  • support assembly, repackaging of bulk items, resource planning, and scheduling work and materials
  • reduce costs and delivery times, helping you improve productivity by monitoring production processes and tracking components through the whole manufacturing cycle
  • built in scheduling solution that will help you assess potential production issues and produce flexible schedules
  • accurate resource planning to help identify potential areas for savings and reduce the cost of production
  • share manufacturing data across the whole of your business so employees have access to accurate, timely information
  • keep up to date with the latest regulatory requirements by monitoring quality standards in line with regulations such as ISO
  • trace serial numbers and batches back to suppliers and key components.

Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage 50 Bill of Materials

Designed for small manufacturing businesses, this programme makes working with bills of materials so much simpler. It lets you create detailed bills for products to be manufactured, including an unlimited number of components and levels of build, and any number of sub-assemblies.

You can easily identify shortages of materials and automatically place purchase orders in Sage 50 Accounts Professional, selecting from a list of alternative suppliers. And, rather than consolidating cost elements at each level, you can roll-up costs.

Sage Job Controller

Here you have all the functionality you need to make your manufacturing company more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective. You can take advantage of a powerful estimating tool, component and product traceability, actuals versus estimates, conversions of estimates to works orders, drill-down analysis functionality, and much more. You can even schedule production backwards from your due delivery date to calculate a start date, saving you time and ensuring you can organise resources and sub-assemblies.

Sage Batch Controller

If your business is involved in repetitive batch manufacturing, Sage Batch Controller is for you. It contains all the features in Sage 50 Bill of Materials, plus lots more to make your life easier, and more profitable. These benefits include automatically taking outstanding orders from your Sage 50 Accounts Professional software, combining sales forecasts and make-to-stock requirements, and calculating the production requirements necessary to fulfil them. You can also allocate stock against works orders, record goods received for instant traceability, produce certificates of conformity and confirm ISO quality standards.

Sage Manufacturing Controller

This software provides all the functionality you need to control material, labour and machine costs in a busy mixed-mode manufacturing environment. It smoothly controls production planning, works order processing and resource management, with full traceability for materials tracking. It combines the features of Sage 50 Bill of Materials, Sage 50 Job Controller, Sage 50 Batch Controller, and includes a powerful Graphical Planner powered by Preactor, giving you greater visibility of how to optimise production. And you can make changes for the better by using the “˜what if” tool to see the impact of different scenarios.

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