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Sage Manufacturing software is an industry-specific system to help those in the manufacturing sector run every part of their organisation more efficiently and profitably. It seamlessly streamlines processes between your suppliers, shop floor and customers.

Sage Manufacturing is designed to help you cut costs, schedule your production, control product quality, manage your cash flow, access information from across your business, and improve customer service and reporting. It is available as part of the larger Sage 200c software and smaller Sage 50c system. 

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Sage 200 Manufacturing

The Sage 200c Manufacturing module can help you to optimise your business efficiency by tracking supply chain activities in detail, end to end, so that you can maximise productivity, monitor issues and events, and ensure efficient shop floor management.

This module provides:

  • Standardised and streamlined production scheduling, so that you can coordinate your distribution channels and get automated reports
  • Support for assembly, repackaging of bulk items, resource planning, and scheduling work and materials
  • Reduced costs and delivery times, helping you to improve productivity
  • Built-in scheduling solutions that will help you assess potential production issues and produce flexible schedules
  • Accurate resource planning to help identify potential areas for savings and reduce the cost of production
  • The ability to share manufacturing data across the whole of your business, so that employees have access to accurate, timely information
  • Monitoring of quality standards in line with regulations such as ISO, keeping you up to date with the latest regulatory requirements
  • The ability to trace serial numbers and batches back to suppliers and key components

Sage 50 Manufacturing

This business management system built around Sage 50c is the ideal solution for small and growing manufacturers. Sage 50c Manufacturing is split into four areas – bill of materials (BOM), batch controller, job controller and manufacturing controller – which together enable you to run your manufacturing operations with maximum efficiency and profitability.

Sage 50c Manufacturing modules

Sage 50c Bill of Materials provides:

  • Control of components and sub-components to unlimited levels
  • Costing of materials, labour, machines and tooling
  • Cost comparison across suppliers
  • Integration with Sage 50c Accounts

Sage 50c Job Controller provides:

  • Job quoting and estimating
  • Stock allocation
  • Invoice raising
  • Job profitability
  • Creation of works orders
  • Integration with Sage 50c Accounts

Sage 50c Batch Controller provides:

  • Detailed BOM
  • Highlighting of material shortages
  • Raising purchase orders
  • Recording of suppliers information including lead times, cost prices, and suppliers part number
  • Creation of works orders
  • Certificates of conformity

Sage 50c Manufacturing Controller provides:

  • Combined Sage 50c Bill of Materials, Batch Controller, and Job Controller plus a production planning tool
  • Creation of works orders
  • Materials tracking
  • Resources planning including workforce

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