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Tailored services

Price Bailey provides a wide range of apps and add-on tailored services aimed at helping you get the most out of your accountancy software package. We have listed a number of these below and if you would like to find out more, get in touch via the website.

PB Imports

Many of our clients are using software to manage day-to-day processing, and then outputting a report which is used to key information into Sage 50c to invoice clients, post already created invoices to the ledger, and create purchase orders or sales orders.

Rekeying this information manually is both time consuming and risks inputting errors. While in most cases the software or report can be exported as a CSV file, and Sage 50c can import from the CSV file to ledgers, this process treats each line on the file as a separate transaction, making reconciling the account difficult. There are also no standard imports for invoicing, sales or purchase order processing.

The PB Imports add-on addresses these problems, enabling you to import data seamlessly while also providing the additional functionality you require.

Repeat Billing (RB) Sage 50c

RB50c is designed for clients where recurring billing is needed, for example in dealing with subscriptions, services, and software renewals. Billing templates can be imported from your existing system, or set up within the RB50c package.

Billing can be generated for multiple frequencies, and auto-text can be used to replace the billing text with the date, month or quarter relevant to the current invoice.

Bespoke development

Price Bailey provides support and expert advice to clients across a wide range of business sectors and recognises many of the business systems challenges faced by companies and SMEs. Our insight into accounting software solutions enables us to work closely with clients to develop bespoke software packages which meet all their accounting needs.

If you would like to explore a software package add-on or app in more detail, you can request a demo using the button below.


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