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We’re privileged to work with a whole range of world-beating, game-changing entrepreneurs. Together, we help them grow their businesses by creating insight-led strategies, raising vital investment, assisting with corporate governance and advising on how to deploy funds.

To raise seed capital funding, you’ll need a strong business plan, granular research, a firm grasp of your financials and a clear picture of your exit potential. If you haven’t already established these but are ready for advice at this level, we can help on a fee-per-service basis. Once we’ve established the long-term potential of your business as an investment, we’ll switch to a success-fee basis and begin creating an investment strategy around your specific goals.

The strategies we create have a strong track record in securing funding because they’re built on our experience of supporting businesses throughout their lifecycles. We know what it takes to drive real growth, from the early stages to strategic exits, and we’ll put all of that to work for you.

We have our own network of angel investors, and access to others. They trust us to only bring them a few, carefully curated opportunities that they really should look at. We’re not brokers. We’re advisors, helping you build a strong, scalable business and bringing angel investors along for part of that transformative journey.

We typically work with clients who:

  • Have had initial investment from friends and family
  • Are generating or about to generate revenue
  • Are looking for around £500k in equity funding

We can help you by:

  • Building investable strategies that work
  • Developing your investment rationale
  • Researching the value of your business
  • Conducting market research to create evidence that supports your business plan
  • Creating a robust, scalable, powerful financial model that beats industry benchmarks
  • Establishing an ideal capital structure, including how much you’ll need, when you’ll need it, and the impact of likely scenarios on your financial statements
  • Introducing you to our angel funding network
  • Negotiating deals through to completion
  • Managing the SEIS or EIS process
  • Managing research and development claims
  • Putting in place a scalable group structure

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