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Ensuring you have the right papers for the right people

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Section 1 statements and employment contracts

All employees and workers have a legal right to be provided with a written document summarising the main terms of their employment on or before their first day of work.

Our service includes not only ensuring that the correct documentation is in place to meet the minimum legal requirements, but we can also draft bespoke employment contracts to suit your business culture and specific needs, including contracts for staff with atypical working patterns. We can also assist with updating or varying contracts for existing employees.

Policies and procedures

We advise on what types of policies and procedures are appropriate for your business and draft where necessary. Policies and procedures are often incorporated into a Staff Handbook. We can also review and update existing policies and procedures. In addition, we offer training on policies and procedures to ensure that your managers are able to implement them, where required.

HR Audits: A health check for your paperwork

To ensure that your existing employment documents and procedures are right for your business, we can carry out a thorough HR health check.
If anything needs to change, we make recommendations as part of a detailed report.

Other important documents

We can also assist with drafting the following documentation:

  • Directors Service Agreements
  • Secondment Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements

For further information please get in contact with the team by using the enquiry form or our live chat facility.

All employment law services are provided by Price Bailey LLP. For information about our regulatory status see

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