HR strategy advice

Maintaining stability as your business moves on

HR strategy advice

Support through challenging times

Through our HR knowledge and legal expertise we can direct you on your HR strategy in line with your business matters.

Most business changes have an impact on employees and managers – and we can help you minimise that impact, whatever’s happening in your organisation. It’s all about anticipating problems and we can devise the strategy for you to minimise them.

To assist in the direction of your HR strategy we may propose we use an employee engagement survey – this is just one tool that covers factors such as internal structures, job descriptions, reporting lines, geographical locations, and cultural or performance differences.

We would also help with the design and implementation of this. But most importantly this will help to aid the thinking of your HR strategy.

Restructuring and redundancies

If you’re going through restructuring or redundancies, we can help you strategically manage the change.

With our expertise on both the HR and legal sides we can help you to understand the wider implications and make suitable changes to your HR strategy.

Getting ready for a merger or acquisition

When you’re planning a significant change through a merger or acquisition, we can advise on making your business attractive to potential buyers or partners.

We can also all your employment documentation is up to date and in place, and support you in carrying out employment due diligence.

We can also advise on TUPE information and consultation procedures, and help with employee elections if you need us to. Plus, we prepare all key employment documentation throughout the transaction.

Insolvency and recovery

During a very challenging time, we can support you to retain as much control as possible putting in place a strategy that has minimal impact.

As part of this, we can advise you on redundancies and the process going forward. For employees going through this difficult time, we can help with your claims to the National Insurance Fund.

All employment law services are provided by Price Bailey LLP. For information about our regulatory status see

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