Workplace wellbeing

Creating the right conditions for your teams

Workplace wellbeing

Employment engagement surveys: Your employees’ thoughts and attitudes – and how to respond

You’ll know how important it is to involve your employees in running and developing your business. We can help you carry out a thorough employee engagement survey, tailored to address the areas that really matter to your business.

More importantly we will help you develop workplace strategies in response to key messages from the survey. This might involve looking at internal structures, job descriptions, reporting lines, communication, geographical locations, and cultural or performance differences.  

Exploring change and workplace initiatives

To help you attract, retain and develop the best people, we can work with you to improve employee engagement through a range of initiatives. Even if you believe your staff are already engaged, we can help you keep them that way and improve them further.

We do this through a variety of methods – perhaps by exploring alternative working arrangements such as job sharing and flexible working, or by introducing new ways of performance managing your staff.

Workplace strategies for wellbeing

We can help you develop workplace strategies that improve engagement, and increase productivity and efficiency. These are always tailored to your business, yet based on our wealth of experience in different sectors and industries.

Training to improve relationships

If you’re a manager or business owner, we can help you understand the ‘red flags’ that sometimes cause workplace problems. We can show you how to deal with difficult conversations, how to use employment documentation and pre-empt potential challenges.

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