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If you’re an international business trading in the UK, or you want to establish a presence here, our full-service experts can help.

We have two London offices, in the City and Mayfair, with others in Bishop’s Stortford (near London Stansted Airport), Ely, Cambridge and Norwich. We also have an office in Guernsey.

We can help you set up a company here, maintain back office and administrative functions, and advise on tax for foreign nationals working in the UK. We also offer a specialist service to help US companies expand on this side of the Atlantic.

We advise you on the most appropriate business structures, and offer guidance on employment matters, minimising costs for projects and acquisitions, managing taxes on income and gains, and securing family wealth for the future.

We can also help you minimise the personal tax you pay, and our VAT specialists can help ensure your business complies with HM Revenue & Customs.

As well as advising individuals and business on their tax affairs, we provide a wide range of additional services that could be of value to those moving to the UK. These services include completion of the annual Income Tax returns for non-resident companies and individuals in respect of their UK property rental income.


IAPA-LOGO3 We are a key member of IAPA, which gives you access to the best accounting, audit, tax advisory and business consultancy services around the world.

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