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Foreign exchange

Ensuring you benefit from the best international rates

Foreign exchange services

The right partner with the right benefits

To give you access to commercial foreign exchange rates, and expert guidance when sending money internationally, we’ve teamed up with Moneycorp.

Through this partnership, you get specialist market advice to help you trade at the right time, and make your money go further.

Moneycorp has traded currency for over 30 years. So you’re in experienced hands. In fact, they’re the UK’s largest commercial provider of non-bank foreign exchange services, with a reputation for first-class customer service, cutting-edge technology and outstanding value for money. They are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and hold a 4A 1 Dun & Bradstreet credit rating.

Business foreign exchange

If your business needs to trade outside the UK – or you’re importing or exporting goods, buying overseas equipment, buying or selling overseas property, paying staff based abroad, or making international payments for overseas operations – currency fluctuations can prove costly. Moneycorp can handle all this quickly and effectively, so you get the best advice, and the best rates.

Personal foreign exchange

If you’re looking to transfer funds internationally, the first point of call is usually your bank. However, you may have experienced poor service and uncompetitive exchange rates. Getting the best rates means timing transactions well is essential.

Which is where your expert Moneycorp dealer can help – if you’re buying or selling an overseas property, paying an overseas mortgage or bills, transferring earnings in a different currency, moving to a new country, making an international purchase, paying into non-sterling investments, or moving a pension into a non-sterling QROPS.

Travel money

If you need travel money, Moneycorp can supply foreign currency cash at preferential exchange rates, for next-day home delivery or collection at one of its branches.

The benefits of using Moneycorp

  • More competitive exchange rates than your bank
  • Expert dealing services to plan your currency payments to get the best rate
  • A wide range of hedging products to reduce currency exposure
  • Advanced online system
  • Ability to run multiple currency accounts for free
  • Credit facilities available, subject to terms

How it works

It’s simple. Complete an application and your free account will be set up by your personal dealer. Then they provide any exchange rates you need, and help you plan your currency requirements over the phone or online. You then simply instruct your bank to transfer the currency you’re exchanging to Moneycorp – and as soon as your dealer receives the funds, they send the currency to any bank account you specify.


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