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Running your own business or owning and investing in property can be incredibly rewarding – both personally and financially. However, both of these routes are likely to increase your potential exposure to legal disputes and conflict.

But a legal dispute doesn’t have to involve a lengthy exchange of solicitors’ letters culminating in a stressful court battle. Negotiation and mediation is the preferred route for most of our clients. With our early support and advice, there is likely to be a good chance of avoiding court altogether.

And in the unfortunate event that the dispute does lead to a court case, you’ll want to know that you have the best possible team supporting you through the process.

Our commercial dispute resolution team have extensive experience of a range of scenarios, including:

  • contractual disputes
  • professional negligence claims
  • debt and rent recovery
  • boundary disputes
  • dilapidation and repair claims
  • contested lease renewals
  • evictions and lease forfeiture.

We also have a specialist team of landlord and tenant lawyers. They can provide you and your letting agent with expert advice and support from the moment you find your tenant until the day they leave.

The areas that our specialist landlord and tenant lawyers can help you with include:


  • Swift application for a Sponsorship Licence
  • Reviewing tenancy agreements
  • Advising you on documentation for your tenant
  • Issue notices seeking possession.

Evicting difficult tenants

  • Drafting court proceedings
  • Attending court to obtain a possession order
  • Instructing court bailiffs.

Recovering rent arrears

  • Obtaining money judgements
  • Enforcing judgements to receive payment (such as through bailiffs or directly from employer).

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