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Making a will is one of the best ways to support your family at a difficult time. Without a will, your estate is distributed according to imposed law rather than according to your wishes. It is a common misconception that without a will your spouse will automatically inherit everything or that an estranged child you have never met before will receive nothing.

A will allows you to decide what is to happen with your assets, how you want them distributed and by whom. It also enables you to express your wishes as to who you want to look after your children.

Inheritance tax planning is an integral part of writing a will. Too often, opportunities to lawfully save tax during your lifetime and on your passing are missed. Price Bailey employs solicitors, accountants and tax advisers. As such, they are perfectly placed to create tax-efficient wills.

Our will writing service caters for all budgets. For many, a relatively straightforward will is sufficient and our fees reflect that. For others, obtaining bespoke tax advice reassures our clients that they are making decisions that may increase how much of their estate ends up in the hands of their beneficiaries and decrease the amount payable to HMRC.

Our multi-disciplinary team have particular experience with high net worth clients holding a range of complex assets. We also regularly act for non-UK domiciled individuals in relation to property that is situated within the UK.

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