Foundation establishment and development

Providing independence through a self-governing legal entity

A useful alternative to a trust or company

Foundations have similar features to trusts and companies, and can be useful in jurisdictions that don’t understand or recognise trusts.

They’re also worth considering if your particular requirements can’t be met through a trust or company.

As a legal entity, a foundation is registered officially, like a company, and carries with it some of the benefits of a company, especially when entering contracts and agreements.

Versatility and adaptability

In Guernsey, foundations law has created a flexible structure, enabling you to set up a foundation for virtually any purpose other than commercial activities. Examples include:

  • philanthropy
  • wealth planning
  • investments
  • property
  • reserved powers.

You can also transfer existing foundations to Guernsey from other jurisdictions.

If you think setting up a foundation might be appropriate for any of your activities, we can help and advise you, providing registration, administration, councillors and guardians for foundations in a number of jurisdictions.

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