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Outsourced credit control services

Ensuring you maintain a healthy cash flow

Outsourced credit control services

An effective way to reduce your debtors

As you know, good cash flow is essential to running a successful business. Giving your customers credit might be good for sales, but if you don’t have the right procedures in place to collect the debts, your company will suffer.

The key to maintaining your cash flow is having strong credit control policies, including raising invoices and timely payment collection. 

Our outsourced credit control service can help you maximise cash flow, reduce the need for bank borrowing, improve internal credit management procedures, and reduce bad debts.

Services designed around you

We can tailor our services to your business. These include partial outsourcing that supports your existing credit control function, to help you get back on track and sort out stubborn debts – and full outsourcing, which involves managing the whole collection cycle (phone calls, letters and statements). And if you need emergency cover for holidays, maternity or sick leave, we’re on hand, too.

Other areas we can help:


We can set up a credit control department for you, including training, collection cycle, collection letters and pre-action protocols.


This involves a full review of your existing credit control function – policies, procedures and processes, team structure and responsibilities – and identifying possible efficiencies.

We also offer credit control systems designed to make it even easier to improve your cash flow. This can include gathering information about your customers and UK companies to help you chase up debts, as well as automating standard tasks, such as writing letters, generating reports and tracking chase history.

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