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Secondments services

Support for a strong, well-trained team

There are times when secondments can be a better option than traditional recruitment.

Maybe you have a big one-off project and need temporary staff to take on the extra work, or you need to fill an opening created by an employee who’s leaving. Or perhaps you have a skills gap in your team, and need someone to fill it in the short term.

Whatever your situation, we can help you find the right person with the necessary skills and industry knowledge to fit in with you and your company perfectly.

Flexibility and reassurance

Secondments can range from regular monthly or quarterly visits to intensive short periods. Whatever the arrangement, you can have peace of mind that the addition to your team has the skills to help your business succeed, and will provide seamless continuity in your finance function.

So you can carry on pursuing your business objectives, and be confident you’ll meet your compliance requirements.

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