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Fair Pay for Teachers?

29 April 2019

Substantial budgetary cuts, a shortfall in public finances - does this sound all too familiar? But are...

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Are you ready for April’s statutory pay rate changes?

29 March 2019

In amongst the chaos of Brexit, there is one update from the Government that we knew was on the agenda-...

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What could post-Brexit immigration mean for businesses?

12 December 2018

The delay in the Parliamentary vote on the proposed Brexit deal has done little to clarify the shape...

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Lampshade Blog Post

Legal & HR Round up of 2017 and what to look out for in 2018

31 January 2018

If we were to summarise in 4 words the things that distracted us employment lawyers from the Price...

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Christmas Tree

An employer’s guide to Christmas office parties: How to minimise the risks

20 December 2017

Many employers want to reward their staff by putting on a Christmas party of some description – be it...

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