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Fair Pay for Teachers?

29 April 2019

Substantial budgetary cuts, a shortfall in public finances - does this sound all too familiar? But are...

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VAT treatment of vouchers harmonised with the EU

9 January 2019

The UK may be preparing to leave the EU from March 2019, but legislation in some areas which will bring...

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What could post-Brexit immigration mean for businesses?

12 December 2018

The delay in the Parliamentary vote on the proposed Brexit deal has done little to clarify the shape...

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BVCA Series A Forum: CEO superstars…be humble

29 November 2018

It was a bustling event in central London on the afternoon of Wednesday 14 November for the annual BVCA...

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How to get a positive outcome out of Brexit uncertainty

10 May 2018

Businesses and the wider public could be forgiven for being confused by the mixed messages emanating...

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