Transformation through technology

Transformation through technology

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With the constant development of fully customisable enterprise software and automation changing all sectors of industry at an unprecedented scale, what should organisations consider in order to survive and thrive in the current digital age?

Transformation through technology

In this eBook, our Price Bailey experts, Partner, Howard Sears, and Manager, Alan Becker, provide insight into the technology trends affecting businesses of all sizes, and how best to stay afloat of the challenges and opportunities this may provide your business.

We begin by examining the importance of investing in technology to stay ahead of unavoidable industry advancements in an ever-expanding global, digital culture. We explain available options such as enterprise systems (ES) which can help simplify integrating new technology into a business, as well as looking at imperative technological changes such as Making Tax Digital (MTD).

We detail the tactical and strategic advantages of investing in enterprise systems, and the potential dangers to your business if you fail to invest in appropriate systems, such as cybercrime and GDPR. Finally, in order to maximise the return on investment in technology, our experts detail exactly what else you must have in place to support integrating software into your business.

We also interview David Frain, Financial Director at CU Phosco Lighting, who shares his experiences of constant innovation through technology.

Technology can seem overwhelming and at times an unnecessary transition, however, the benefits of implementing the necessary systems promptly, and with the correct support in place can be an imperative investment for your business. If you require any advice on the topics discussed in this eBook, please use the form below to contact one of our experts.

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