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Representation and advice to help recover what’s owed to you

Recovering bad debts can be time consuming, and sometimes it’s a fruitless exercise – but we can help.

Our specialist insolvency and recovery team can often recoup funds, even if a company enters liquidation or administration. We’ll explain and guide you through all the options available to pursue debts owed to you, and work on your behalf to find the best way forward. This might include:

Compulsory liquidation

Winding up the company that’s defaulted when a court has decided it can no longer meet its obligations.


Realisation and distribution of a company’s assets acting on behalf of secured creditors.

Voluntary arrangement

Advising and drawing up a full or partial repayment agreement with creditors.

Voluntary liquidations

Winding up a solvent or insolvent company through a members’ voluntary liquidation or a creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

Even if administration or liquidation proceedings are already underway, we can still improve your chances of recovering your debts. This can involve attending creditors’ meetings, giving our opinion on proposals put forward, and using your proxy vote.


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Our insolvency practitioners operate through Price Bailey LLP. For information about our regulatory status see

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