Charities and Not-for-profit

We understand the challenges that are facing not for profit organisations, and we’ve developed a dedicated and award-winning team to help you achieve your goals.

Our dedicated Charity and Not For Profit team have in-depth expertise and experience and are renowned for their expertise in the sector.

The charity and NFP sector is of key importance to our firm, and we currently provide compliance services to over 400 organisations in this sector. We offer you a balanced, knowledgeable and professional view to provide appropriate and effective advice.

Whatever your circumstances, we will support you in achieving your goals and help you overcome challenges – all whilst minimising risk and ensuring compliance.

Many members of our Charities and Not For Profit team are charity trustees themselves, enabling us to provide you with truly effective and relevant experience.

We can provide expert guidance covering areas such as:

  • effective reporting on your statutory accounts
  • strategy and reserves policies
  • ESG and carbon reporting
  • Charity Governance Code and EDI9
  • structure reviews
  • maximising tax reliefs and optimising your tax and VAT position
  • mergers and collaborations, including due diligence
  • identifying and monitoring key performance indicators
  • compliance health checks on Gift Aid, VAT, and tax
  • management process reviews and risk registers
  • trading activities, use of subsidiaries, social enterprises and Community Interest Companies (CICs)
  • controlling and improving fundraising activities, and diversifying income

Supporting you now and in the future

Over the past few years, the charity and not-for-profit sectors have battled strong economic headwinds. Covid 19 has impacted the charity sector immensely, from decreased fundraising income arising from cancelled events and activities, to rapid digital acceleration for events and charitable service delivery methods, shift in working patterns and hybrid working, to cybercrime attacks, and some closing their offices permanently.

The seismic shift to digital activity has caused increased cyber activity and increased inflation, social care levy and utility costs, all bringing new risks and challenges for the sector.

Resilience and sustainability have always been a key focus; and the current economic climate has increased demands on charity services whilst income generation and diversification remains a key risk on many charity risk registers.

Opportunities do present themselves with regard to technological changes, allowing charities and not for profits to adapt and become more resilient to challenges. It’s also important that organisations continue to embrace digital fundraising methods.

An award-winning service

At Price Bailey, we have supported charities and not for profits throughout their journeys – no matter the challenges and opportunities they are up against.

We are proud to have been voted by you in the Top 3 for both our Charity Service and Charity Expertise in the Charity Audit Survey 2021 and 2020, and 1st for our Charity Expertise in 2019.

The Charity Team

Our Charity team is headed by Helena Wilkinson, and consists of 5 key partners and 14 managers, including specialist VAT and tax consultants. 

Helena has written the CCH Preparing Charity Accounts book, republished each year, which covers practical guidance on the implementation of the new SORPs. The latest edition, published in Summer 2021, has even more practical tips and examples on trustee reporting.

We are therefore perfectly positioned to assist you in interpreting these requirements and applying them in your accounts.

Sharing knowledge through seminars, events, blogs, and newsletters

As a charity or not-for-profit organisation, we know that sometimes your day-to-day tasks can take over. 

To help keep you in the know about industry changes and advances, we host a number of free and insightful events throughout the year to support you.

Previously we have held events that cover:

  • strategy and risk
  • social finance
  • auto-enrolment
  • funding
  • new regulation
  • regular tax & accounting updates

Head over to our events page to see our latest seminars you can book your place on.

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