Arguably the lifeblood of the UK, the manufacturing industry is of vital importance to the success and growth of our economy and economies around the globe.

At Price Bailey, we have supported manufacturers for over 80 years. We have stood by our clients, and no matter what stage of the lifecycle they’re at – we have guided them through their financial and accounting journey. 

From technology, chemical, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to automotive, aerospace, and energy companies, our teams of specialists have the experience and knowledge to provide you with exceptionally tailored services. 

The right advice at the right time 

We have crafted our service offering to make sure that at whichever stage of your business lifecycle you find yourself, we have a service offering that will support you. We can provide:

Supporting you in the long-term

Prior to the pandemic, the UK manufacturing sector achieved sales of £401.4billion. With this number declining over the last couple of years, manufacturers are now looking forward with cautious optimism as they prepare for an R&D, technology, and consumer expectation-driven industrial recovery. 

We think that means that now more than ever, having expert financial systems and advice in place is essential for businesses to prosper and sustain competitive advantage. 

R&D and Patent Box claims

Our specialists will supply you with highly relevant expertise and resources if you need advice regarding the Patent Box or R&D tax reliefs. We have filed numerous R&D tax reliefs and Patent Box claims in a variety of industries, so you can be confident that your claim is being managed by our experts. 

No matter the challenges you are facing, we understand them. Our specialist teams can help you to overcome these challenges, with advice that is tailored to your organisation. 

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