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From research and development through to manufacturing and distribution – no matter the activity your company specialises in within the chemical industry, our expert team of accountants and financial and tax advisers are here to support you. 

We have seen the chemicals industry change significantly over the last few years. Both demand and supply have changed dramatically, creating many opportunities and challenges. The long-term changing relationship with crude oil, significant industry growth rate, and breadth of innovation are all contributing to a vibrant changing environment.

As specialists in supporting chemical businesses, we know there are also challenges to overcome:

  • Auditors and accountants need to understand what is core and what is changing to identify risk and produce strong and valuable data, as well as informed opinions. 
  • Tax advisers are needed to help structure international affairs as trade becomes more complex, and profits flow into different jurisdictions. 
  • Corporate Finance advisers need to understand what the true value of a modern business in the chemicals space really is and how to acquire, merge, undertake joint ventures and sell. 
  • Advisers need to understand the pressures on demand, supply, regulation, currency, and political emphasis, as well as the day-to-day challenges in topics such as attracting and retaining talent.

Advice where and when you need it 

Our specialists can offer a range of business services focused specifically on the needs of chemical companies.

These include:

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