Higher education

We are fortunate enough to have gained significant higher education experience in our team. You can rely on our team of specialists to provide you with truly effective guidance and support.

We can provide expert guidance covering areas such as:

We are perfectly situated to provide higher education institutions with award-winning advisory and accountancy services.

We understand the challenges you face

Higher education establishments are currently facing challenges over the rising cost of education. This is further impacted by utility increases, inflation and rising costs for defined benefit pension schemes, whilst tuition fees remain frozen for a further two years.

Sustainability and resilience remain key challenges in the higher education sector. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is permeating all sectors and the HE/FE sector is no different.

Regulatory changes arising from the review of post education and funding implications, as well as the developing strategy of Office for Students will impact on future plans and strategies of HE/FE sector entities.

A large rise in the number of international higher education applicants is expected to support the industry, and coupled with a drive in demand for full-time education, opportunities are available to higher education organisations.

With staffing a key expenditure and strikes disrupting the industry, it is important you have expert financial advisors on hand to provide advice on challenges as they arise with innovative solutions that are appropriate for the task at hand.

Working with you to maximise value

You need advisors who can navigate an ever changing legislative and statutory environment for you. We understand that you need to ensure that no criticism can be raised over your accounting, control and reporting processes, which could lead to reputational damage to your brand or pose questions over your governance, processes and procedures.

Our role is to assist you in your responsibilities, and offer the right information to you. Having auditors who understand the sector and best practice can be a key advantage to help you achieve your goals.

Cambridge Colleges

With a Price Bailey office located in Cambridge, our team of specialists are situated right on your doorstep, and are proud to be a part of the rich history in Cambridge, having worked with Cambridge Colleges for over 20 years.

We have a unique insight into the history and evolution of the current statutory reporting and the requirements of the RCCA format within our specialist Colleges team. We are also able to provide advice and assistance with horizon scanning and preparing for forthcoming changes expected to accounting standards and best practice.

Our dedicated tax and VAT team are specialists in their field, which cover not for profit areas such as gift aid queries, deeds of covenants, tax and VAT. They also work closely with our audit team to ensure we offer joined up advice and to identify areas of risk or where we can provide proactive advice.

Our services include internal audit, statutory audits, financial modelling and management accounting, strategic planning, employment law and HR, all aspects of tax and VAT to name a few.

We want to ensure your long-term success continues

Funding concerns, a growing need to demonstrate sustainability and accountability, the need for efficient management of finances, all of which should be underpinned by an effective governance structure has never been more important for colleges to implement.

Our aim is to work closely with you and support your college in achieving its core goals and overcoming its challenges, whilst minimising risk and ensuring compliance.

Support when you need it

By phone or by email, if we either know or should know the answer to your query (and our experience is such that this is no longer confined to just financial and reporting matters) then that advice is free – as much as you need – as often as you like.


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