Private equity funding

Helping you source private equity funding for your business

Every year we work with a dozen or more companies who are transacting with Private Equity funds on a variety of mandates, varying from lead advisory corporate finance matters to tax. 

We have a strong set of relationships with international mid-market and lower-market Private Equity funds and understand their transaction process and needs very well.

What makes us unique is that we act on both sides of the fence. We work with Private Equity on complex Financial Due Diligence and tax matters, and companies raising funding from the same funds to power up growth strategies, fund MBOs, acquisitions and sales

Management teams looking for funding

This funding could be to support a series of acquisitions, refinance, realise value for your founders and shareholders, conduct a management buyout (MBO), grow aggressively at home and abroad through an organic growth plan, or all of the above.

We work with strong, capable teams with a typical adjusted EBITDA of at least £1m, or that level of performance in their sights for the year ahead. Together, we help them create their investment rationale, financial model and story, then present it to our global network of investors.

Whilst we do introduce investors, we never work as matchmakers or brokers only and never engage on a pure success fee basis as this approach leads to damaging outcomes for companies trying to fundraise and seldom leads to success. The reality is that anyone can find investors, the major funds are very well known. 

Having a relationship with a fund is no longer enough on its own, the underlying business and investment opportunity has to be exceptional and trusted advisors are a critical part of the journey. Many investors have become weary of introducers who focus just on the transaction and operate on pure success fees models.

Investors know that when they are on the other side of the table to us we will be tenacious lead advisors who know the business extremely well, ready to turn to a wide range of trusted relationships in the investor ecosystem, negotiating the right deal for the long term, managing the diligence process and that it is within our mandate to advise the client to walk away from a deal.

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