Property companies

Whatever your needs, and however complex your requirements, we can help. 

We support a variety of clients involved in property, and no matter your situation you can benefit from our services. We work with; property investment companies, development and trading companies, individuals, partnerships, joint ventures and trusts, landed estates, architects, engineers, Limited Partnerships (LPs) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

If you need help understanding the tax and financial implications arising from property transactions, our specialist team is on hand. We cover every aspect of investment and development in land and buildings, whether residential or commercial, including:

  • structuring the acquisition of property
  • fund structuring, and raising capital
  • back-office accounting
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • demergers and disposals
  • tax on property income
  • tax on property disposal
  • tax on estates with property assets
  • VAT compliance 
  • capital allowances or tax depreciation
  • stamp duty land tax
  • due diligence and transaction support
  • service charge audits
  • restructuring property ownership
  • external and internal audit
  • risk reviews

Tax traps and opportunities are present in all of these areas. Our UK tax advice is therefore fully embedded in everything we do in this sector.

Our specialists understand your industry

Despite being a highly resilient industry, the property market is certain to face many challenges ahead. The continuation of difficulties regarding ongoing uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, legislation developments, and restriction of covenant ratios, means that it remains vital for those in this industry to continue engaging with their stakeholders.

With much uncertainty, some with property portfolios should consider progressive lateral thinking regarding alternative uses for the property, including the conversion of commercial premises to residential properties. 

Tax advice for property investors

Our highly experienced team can help you with the various types of UK taxes you’ll need to consider:

  • Transaction taxes
    -Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)
    -Value Added Tax (VAT)
    -Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Taxes on income and trading
    -Income Tax
    -Corporation Tax
  • Wealth taxes
    -Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwelling (ATED)
    -Inheritance Tax (IHT).

We can also help with overseas tax issues using our own extensive experience and through our international connections with colleagues in IAPA and elsewhere.

We can also provide specialist advice on the tax implications of investing in buy-to-let and commercial property, ensuring you make the most of your investment while complying with regulations.

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