Entertainment and media

The outlook of the entertainment and media industry over the next few years is a positive one, and our specialist teams can work with you to help you reach your goals. We have advised many media businesses varying in value from under £10m to over £100m in value on growth, raising finance, acquisitions and sale. 

A dynamic and fast-paced business landscape, the entertainment and media market is predicted to be worth over £87 billion by 2025.   

We act for a variety of clients within this industry including:

  • media technology companies
  • lead generation companies
  • rights owners and managers
  • digital content creators
  • affiliate marketing businesses
  • production companies 
  • multi-channel networks 
  • social media stars
  • actors, musicians and artists
  • VR production studios 
  • publishers

Helping you expand your business

Over recent years the media and entertainment industry has adapted to the changing and more demanding needs of consumers and will continue to do so in the future. Consumers expect a more personalised experience, increasing on-demand services, less advertising, and stronger security and data protection. 

The rapidly changing environment and consumer power is causing media and entertainment companies to re-evaluate their business models, streamline their processes, and improve their structural efficiencies. In this highly competitive industry full of variety, businesses can do better than just keeping up with their competition. Instead, they need to revolutionise the marketplace to stay ahead of the competition. 

We have specialists at Price Bailey who have extensive experience working with companies in the media and entertainment industry, and can deliver knowledge-based and efficient services with the capability to support your strategy and add value where possible. 

We can support you with all the tools you need to succeed, including:

Guidance in going international

Scaling globally and entering new markets is key for media and entertainment companies in order to stay competitive. 

If you’re a media and entertainment business maximising your international business opportunities, from international market development to international tax compliance, we can work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. Our high degree of technical and local business knowledge, coupled with our comprehensive international services allows us to stay informed on the latest legislation and accounting practices. 

With offices in the Channel Islands, Eastern Caribbean, Dubai, and London, no matter where you’re based we will support your international interests.

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