Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS has transformed the ability for customers to access advanced capabilities that were unthinkable in the recent past. 

With a global market of over £250bn and a fast growth rate, SaaS is providing enormous value – but comes with risk in the early stages of growth. 

We act for over 180 businesses in the sector, operating globally, and understand the drivers of success and failure.

Our international experience of guiding SaaS companies through funding rounds, group structuring, tax and growth matters is significant. Our understanding, as advisors, comes from understanding that many SaaS companies have to invest significantly early on in building the right team and the right product in order to get scale within a market. This combination of activity can be expensive, technologically uncertain and risky at each stage of growth. However, the rewards are exceptionally lucrative. 

We have seen first-hand how good and bad decisions, financial data and governance can steer a SaaS company and are strong advisors at helping shape the direction of these critical moments. 

Advising SaaS businesses through growth 

Through our experience, across SaaS companies operating in both B2B and B2C markets, has highlighted what the key fundamentals around margin, sales speed, contract value, payment types and stickiness typically look like in order to drive success. We have worked with investors all over the world who have broad software portfolios and understand how they want to see investee companies governed, present data, produce management information, be audited and eventually, sold. We have also taken many software businesses to market for M&A and funding purposes. 

Our team of experts can support your company in taking proactive measures in this period of industry growth – helping you to focus on stable growth and continued expansion. 

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