In a saturated market with fierce competition, it’s vital for telecommunication companies to have a cutting-edge strategy and business advantage in order to captivate clients in this highly concentrated industry. 

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Whether you would like advice on creating and implementing a strategy that will increase your competitiveness, boost growth, and increase profits, or a financial model to stress test different scenarios, we can support you with a variety of services that add value to your company.

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Whilst both the wired and wireless telecoms industry is in the mature stage of its’ lifecycle and the market remains highly saturated, technological advancements are providing opportunities for growth in the industry.

4G technology has become widespread, and the development of 5G technology and distribution is expected to become increasingly mainstream in the next few years. There is also an increase of mergers in this industry, in an attempt for telecoms to unify one complete service offering in regards to mobiles, broadband, media, and entertainment. This consolidation will also add value to consumers. 

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