Statutory audit

A tailored approach

Our audit team strives to gain a thorough understanding of your business, your priorities, and your systems and processes. This enables us to provide you with an audit plan which is focused and adds real value to your business, even if you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective audit.

We understand that auditing group members is different to auditing single entities. 

No matter your company, you can be assured that our approach to working with you includes:

  • a dedicated and consistent team to maximise the value of our relationship
  • partner and manager led work
  • a pragmatic and approachable team 
  • informed reviews of systems and controls as part of our planning process
  • detailed test that flows from meetings and discussions to focus on key risk areas
  • analytical reviews, depth testing, and substantive tests of detail as required
  • robust and informed opinions

Quality assurance 

Every stage of the audit has a formalist review procedure, which continues after the audit is completed. This guarantees that our audits are carried out in line with relevant regulations, and that you receive a quality audit you can trust.

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