Financial audits

Always aware of your needs

We work in a flexible way, to fit around you and your business while maintaining the highest audit standards.

You’ll find we approach the audit with two aims: 

  • to provide an independent assessment of your financial records and processes
  • to give you practical and pragmatic advice to improve your business

Whether you require a statutory or voluntary audit, our team are experienced and well versed in auditing the specific challenges that your company may face. We understand the different nuances between auditing group members and single entities. 

A productive working relationship

During your audit, you’ll notice we keep you informed without taking up your time – and the focus is always on providing useful advice. 

We get to grips quickly with your systems and processes, suggest any improvements, and if any concerns arise, we deal with them constructively and sensitively.

You can be assured that the audit team we place with you has a wealth of experience in your industry. The specialists in our team have substantial experience working with:

  • not for profit clients, including academies 
  • charities 
  • venture capital-backed and private equity-owned businesses 
  • LLPs and FCA registered companies 
  • public sector companies 
  • Public Interest Entities (PIEs)
  • Clients that report under International Financial Reporting Standards 

Group member financial audits

We provide financial audits for a significant number of international groups and their subsidiaries, with experience auditing both UK groups with overseas subsidiaries and UK subsidiaries of larger international groups – and we understand the nuances and challenges from both sides of the coin. 

If you are a group member requiring a financial audit, you can read more about the audit services we can offer you here.

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