Statutory audit for group members

We know that auditing groups can be very different to a single entity. We take the time to understand your group structure, operations and relationships in detail. 

Whether you are a subsidiary for a UK parent or non-UK parent group, or are a parent company requiring an audit, our team of auditors has extensive experience in a variety of industries, and are well versed in dealing with the specific issues that your company may face. 

Group audits frequently require cooperation with parent company auditors, and we have significant expertise in this matter, both as a lead group and subsidiary auditors reporting in to the larger group auditors. 

For us, auditing is never a ‘tick-box exercise’. We want to add value to your business through great planning, pragmatic attention, robust opinions and a commercial understanding of your Group. 

Our auditors are focused on developing a detailed understanding of your business and can provide you with a thorough management letter with suggestions for recommendations in respect of issues found in the audit. 

However, we do also recognise that some companies simply want an efficient audit that is cost-effective. We can commit to being up-front with what we can accomplish, how we will do it, and how much we will charge you.  

A detailed understanding of your business

When working with subsidiaries of UK or international parents, we understand that making early contact with management and their auditors in other jurisdictions is a priority, as well as the quality of communication in a group engagement being paramount due to multiple layers of management and often a more diverse shareholder group.

Our knowledge of the nuances and challenges of both UK groups with overseas subsidiaries and UK subsidiaries of larger international groups enables us to fully understand your business.

We pride ourselves in:

  • understanding the Group and subsidiary picture individually and collectively 
  • a dedicated and consistent team to maximise the value of our relationship
  • partner and manager-led work 
  • a team that is pragmatic and approachable 
  • clear timelines
  • regular updates and communication 
  • using the benefits of our significant and  varied sector expertise 
  • a tailored approach to suit your needs
  • planning meetings that are commercial, pragmatic and bring in our technical expertise
  • informed reviews of systems and controls as part of our planning process
  • detailed tests that flow from meetings and discussions to focus on key risk areas
  • analytical reviews, depth testing and substantive tests of detail as required 
  • robust and informed opinions 
  • closing meetings that are valuable and constructive 

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