Architects & surveyors

To provide truly effective business advice and support, you need a team with plenty of relevant experience.

We have experts that have specialised in advising the professional sector for many years and work with a large number of architect practices. Our property sector team also has extensive experience in every aspect of the property market, including investment in residential or commercial land and buildings.

A positive outlook for architect firms

Demand for construction is not set to waver over the next five years, despite current increases in demand, surging activity, and economic recovery creating supply chain issues. As the economy begins to recover, consumer confidence and expenditure are expected to accelerate industry revenue growth to a compound annual rate of 4.4%.

The technology available to architects also presents some exciting opportunities, allowing architects to meet growing consumer expectations, manage data more effectively, increase their workload, and engage clients in the design process.

We have experienced first-hand how niche parts of critical supply chains have responded to changing pressures, and have supported our clients throughout this journey.

Now, more than ever, having expert financial systems and advice in place is vital for architectural firms to thrive and grow in this sector.

Providing you with all the tools to succeed

Our team of experts can offer a range of services beyond normal compliance work, including:

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large architectural firm, we can support you through all financial and compliance matters – and advise you on growing your firm profitably.

Advising on LLP and limited company conversions

We were one of the first accountancy firms to take on limited liability status, and started trading as a limited liability partnership (LLP) from 1 April 2004.

Since then, we’ve helped many professional services practices to convert to LLP status.

As an LLP, you combine the benefits of limited liability with the flexibility of organising your internal structure as a traditional partnership. You have the same tax rules as a partnership, you can secure bank borrowings on debtors, and you can create a more corporate structure with its own assets and subsidiary companies.

There’s a lot to consider when setting up an LLP – such as engagement terms, profit sharing and exit strategies. We can help you through the process, making it as smooth as possible for everyone involved, including partners, employees, bankers, clients, landlords and suppliers.

Alternatively, conversion to a limited company might be more appropriate for your practice. You might be attracted by the extra credibility that corporate status can bring, or by the ability to pay dividends to shareholders or set up an approved pension scheme. We can advise you on the implications, and help you with all aspects of conversion.

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