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An established and accepted industry that is engrained into our everyday lives, the insurance industry in the UK is expected to retain stable growth providing there are no external forces that threaten its stability.

Prior to the pandemic, product innovation in this industry was relatively superficial, however looking forward, insurance companies should be re-evaluating their business models and cost structures in preparation of:

  • operational processes becoming increasingly automated and streamlined
  • an accelerated adoption of technologies and new ways of working meaning some models may change to be less labour intensive
  • alleviating some of the pressures of climate change by investing in projects that have an environmental benefit

Despite preparing for circumstances that can be somewhat predicted, insurance firms will also be facing challenges as a result of environmental changes. With climate change becoming increasingly unpredictable, there may be a rise in pay-outs related to droughts and floods.

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We are helping our clients understand that by combining great accounting and finance with insight-driven strategy and advice they can build more resilient, sustainable, and valuable companies in the insurance space. 

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