Helping you understand what your business is worth. Here is our advice based on valuing around 55 companies a year.

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Our team of specialists take the time to understand the specifics of your business and assess all the factors unique to both the business and the current valuation, which may affect the outcome.

Understanding how your business creates value, its strategic positioning and the transaction landscape around you is critical. We are experts in understanding these matters and translating this into an opinion on your value.

We have a thorough understanding which valuation methods to apply, when and why. We do not default to a standard methodology. Every engagement and business we speak with is unique and we make sure that the method used is appropriate to the purpose of the valuation and the context.

At any one time our team are working on multiple valuation projects. This brings significant experience and expertise. We augment this with leading data sources. In addition to the usual sources that valuers of unquoted businesses turn to, we subscribe to 4 high quality databases that provide transaction data. Combined, this means we have the expertise and insight to create informed opinions and judgments on company valuation.

Why we value companies

Clients ask us to value companies for a variety of purposes including:

  • Company valuations for sale
  • Shareholder exit and minority valuations
  • Management Buy Outs (MBOs) valuations
  • Company valuations for acquisitions
  • Company valuations during a divorce
  • Expert witness company valuations
  • Probate valuations
  • Investment valuations
  • Options valuations for audit purposes
  • Valuations for tax and HMRC purposes

In the case of shareholder dispute or divorce valuations, we can also call upon our specialist and experienced forensic accounting team to reach a mutually agreed resolution.

A comprehensive approach

Your valuation is likely to be part of a larger project which is why our advice extends across corporate financetaxrecovery and business strategy, to support you towards your broader business objectives, whatever the circumstance.

Valuation multiples

Sometimes clients do not need or want a full valuation report. What they want to know is, at a high level, what businesses like them are selling for. This is of most simply expressed as a multiple of a measure of profit or revenue.

In these cases we conduct research into pools of similar buyers, research their business models and determine not only what the multiples are, but we also evaluate the extent to which different business models seem to create higher value. This can be very powerful for businesses who are going through a strategic planning exercise or preparing for sale.

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