Chand Chudasama


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Chand is a Partner in the Strategic Corporate Finance team. He is based in the City of London and works across the practice.

Chand and his team engineer how to grow the value and performance of ambitious corporates, funds and disrupters. They achieve this by raising, re-allocating and deploying capital into M&A, global growth and performance improvement in order to drive the shareholder returns in client businesses. He and his team operate as strategic advisors, analysts and lead advisors on transactions.

His team works to achieve a variety of goals but normally his clients want to understand their valuation and find a way to increase it several times over within a fairly short time frame. Delivering on these goals involves helping clients design and execute strategies to scale up internationally through a mix of organic and acquisition led growth projects. Consequently, Chand has strong relationships with his client’s management teams and works with them to make sure that strategies are realistic, informed with granular insight and provide the optimum return to shareholders.

Chand has experience working in over 40 countries, owns his own manufacturing and eCommerce business based in Norwich and has invested in several startups. He is a keen economist and an avid football fan.


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