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Energy companies are a focal point in the current economic environment. With supply-side challenges combined with rising wholesale prices, energy companies are facing a battle between profit drivers and competitive advantage. 

In the context of capital expenditure and financing decisions, a changing world has further brought focus to ESG, accountability, pricing, tax and group structures regarding driving long-term growth.

Price increases coupled with greater pressure for energy companies to demonstrate their sustainability, accountability, and responsible governance present major challenges for companies.

As advisers, we can help in many ways. This could be as advisors helping you work through your capex programme with detailed forward projections for investors and lenders, or it might be more day-to-day by providing outsourced services in accounting and tax. We understand the challenges in the energy sector well and have a broad range of experts ready to assist you. 

Overcoming challenges

Our teams can provide your company with support for your entire business lifecycle. As an energy company in unprecedented times, we can provide you with: 

Our specialists will supply you with highly relevant expertise and resources if you need advice regarding the Patent Box or R&D tax reliefs. We have filed numerous R&D tax reliefs and Patent Box claims in a variety of industries, so you can be confident that your claim is being managed by our experts. 

No matter the challenges you are facing, we understand them. Our specialist teams can help you to overcome these challenges with advice tailored to your organisation. 

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