Technology, media and telecoms

If you are situated within the TMT sector, we can help you achieve your aims and ambitions, from funding through to maintaining and growing a profitable organisation.

An innovative and fierce industry, TMT companies, have a positive outlook over the next few years, and our industry advisors can be by your side to help you reach your goals.

We support regional, national, and international TMT companies as they seek to grow and develop their businesses.

We’re more than traditional accountants

Our TMT industry experts can provide compliance and advisory services to:

  • technology companies
  • media and entertainment businesses
  • telecommunication companies
  • companies situated within the copyright licensing industry
  • AI firms
  • those in the cryptocurrency industry
  • companies operating in the hardware sector
  • Software As A Service (SAAS) companies

You will have access to partners, business advisors and chartered accountants, working from offices across East Anglia, Hertfordshire, London, Dubai, the Channel Islands, and the Caribbean.

We can help

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