Mergers and acquisitions

Advising you on developing or growing your business by teaming up with others

A strategic way to expand

If you’re looking to grow, a merger or acquisition could give you the opportunity to enter new markets, develop your market share, or protect your existing interests.

The process of buying, selling, dividing or combining businesses is a complicated one – and you’ll only want to do it as part of a clear strategic plan. We’re here to help ensure the whole process is planned, implemented and completed successfully.

Supporting you throughout

We guide you through the strategic and operational planning of the process, analysing your options to help determine the best course of action. Then we help you through every step, including:

Finding the right target

To help you identify targets for acquisition, we offer a flexible search service. With this, you have three options:

Passive search

If you’re at the initial interest stage

You can make the most of our extensive network – including subscriptions to sale mandate databases and other corporate finance brokers. When we notice an opportunity that might be of interest to you, we get in touch to discuss it further.

Anonymous synopsis

When you’re looking to assess market opportunities

Using our extensive network, we circulate an anonymous synopsis document, describing you as a company seeking acquisition opportunities.

Proactive search

When you’re serious about an acquisition or merger

This involves defining your needs and looking for targets that match. Using a number of different tools – including transaction and corporate intelligence databases – we provide you with a defined list of potential targets, and key information about them.

Whichever search option you choose, we’re here to provide advice and guidance when you need it.

Acquisition Case Study

Price Bailey Strategic Corporate Finance has recently completed the first stage of an acquisition search mandate for a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of cereal based foods.

The company, part of an international listed group providing own label manufacturing and packaging services for many leading retailers in the UK and international markets, was keen to grow its business through acquisition to develop into the midmarket food and beverage sector within the UK. It was also looking to diversify into alternative product category lines that complemented their existing portfolio.

The owners approached Price Bailey Strategic Corporate Finance due to its extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and ability to provide a flexible search service which can identify targets for acquisition.

This scoping and appraisal exercise led to a number of interesting target opportunities with which we have since made positive progression. Our role over the last couple of months has been to assist the international board of Directors in analysing the financial position of each target as well as providing tax, due diligence and lead advisory services. We are anticipating the completion of one of these targets to occur within the next eight weeks and expect there to be others to follow suit shortly.

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