Fund managers

We have extensive experience of working with open and closed VCT, EIS and Private Equity funds. Recent years have brought significant growth in investment values, and headwinds. Opportunities do still exist, but we have seen funds we work with become increasingly smart in order to preserve and grow value. 

As auditors, tax advisors, group structuring specialists, corporate financiers and insolvency practitioners we have seen a vast array of UK and international fund managers succeed and face significant challenges. 

Opportunities ahead 

Owners of all equities asset classes are now asking themselves how to best pursue value opportunities in light of rising interest rates, recessionary pressures, rising costs, international conflict and the challenge of finding great talent and great assets to invest in. 

However, our experience is that fund managers are some of the most entrepreneurial, analytical and advanced operators we work with, and we have seen and advised managers through some outstanding investments and exits.

We have supported clients with both primary and secondary capital mandates, in both evergreen and time-bound funds, operating in the UK and abroad, and are well aware of the increased focus on strong financial governance from Limited Partners and Regulators.

Meeting your unique needs

As a fund manager, you may benefit from:

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