Amateur sports clubs

With industry revenue anticipated to increase at an annual rate of 6.3%, there are both challenges and exciting opportunities that present themselves to sports clubs in general over the next five years. Our experienced specialists can help you overcome hurdles and take advantage of these opportunities, boost growth, and increase your profits. 

Helping you to expand your business

Smaller sports clubs are expected to face challenges due to a lack of sponsorship, funding, and rising costs. We can support you through these challenges, allowing you to focus on running your club. 

On the flip side, with crowds returning to stadiums, strong performance from premier league clubs, increasing health consciousness and continued government funding, these factors are expected to carry the industry on its upward growth trend.

Our team of experts can offer a range of services beyond normal compliance work, including:

Not-for-profit sports clubs

We understand that many clubs are not-for-profit and will be facing additional challenges because of this. We work with more than 400 non-profit organisations, and our deep knowledge and understanding of the needs and legislative challenges facing not-for-profit organisations underpins our approach to the sector. 

If you’re a not-for-profit sports club, we can provide expert guidance covering areas such as:

  • understanding trustees’ responsibilities
  • governance reviews, structure policies and procedures
  • reducing tax liabilities 
  • mergers and collaborations, including due diligence
  • compliance health checks on VAT and tax
  • controlling and improving fundraising activities 
  • diversifying income 

We can help

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