Data centres

Our increasingly digital world has seen a major shift in the demand for data centres over recent years. With the growth in this industry predicted to grow by more than 50% to £85billion by 2026, now more than ever you will need seasoned financial and tax advisers to help your business grow. 

Despite a promising outlook for the industry, many data centres are facing major contemporary challenges regarding energy and security. There is an ever-growing divide between larger companies which are able to put in place preventative measures, such as stock piling diesel, to protect them against these challenges, and smaller data centres which are having to find niche solutions to competing with larger data centres. 

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Our specialists can offer a range of business services focused specifically on the needs of data centres. These include:

Support your company now and in the future

Many organisations are considering their infrastructure for the future, and with the data centre industry as a whole seeing an increase in demand as a result of companies using external cloud services, hybrid working will only accelerate this demand.

Turning to the future, data centres may see a decentralisation of computing power in favour of edge computing as more and more people adopt smart home solutions, and will also be required to integrate ESG and sustainability into their strategies.

Allowing you more headspace to grow your business

At Price Bailey, our team of finance and tax specialists in the data centre industry can support your company in taking proactive measures in this period of industry development – helping you to focus on growth and continued expansion. 

No matter the goals of your business, we can help you. Our specialist teams can support you in reaching your objectives, with advice that is tailored to your business.

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