Real estate

The UK real estate market is one of the UK’s largest and increasingly complex sectors. With a turnover of £68.6 billion in 2021, UK real estate is a fast-paced, dynamic, and resilient industry – an industry which we are proud to have worked with for many years. 

Support in an ever-changing landscape 

Our experts have supported regional, national, and international real estate companies for several years, and have the knowledge and expertise to provide accurate and pragmatic advice – even in the most complex of environments. 

We understand the challenges and opportunities facing the industry and want to support real estate companies’ success in the long run. 

The growth of the online retail sector does somewhat threaten those companies that buy and manage retail stores, with changing consumer expectations forcing real estate owners to re-evaluate the use of space within their properties and develop spaces that focus on improving the consumers’ experience. 

Technological advancements are an exciting opportunity within this sector and hold the potential for many portfolio holders to make their operations more efficient and personalised, whilst cutting costs. 

Ensuring your long-term success continues

Our experts are on hand if you need guidance navigating the tax and financial implications that come with buying a property. We cover every aspect of investment in real estate, including:

  • structuring the acquisition of property
  • fund structuring, and raising capital
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • demergers and disposals
  • tax on property income
  • tax on property disposal
  • tax on estates with property assets
  • VAT compliance 
  • capital allowances or tax depreciation
  • stamp duty land tax
  • due diligence and transaction support
  • service charge audits
  • restructuring property ownership
  • external and internal audit
  • risk reviews

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