Strategic planning

Helping you develop a clear plan and put it into action

We help clients put in place and execute ambitious, achievable and data driven strategies that bring leadership teams together, mould direction and bring a vision forward into reality. 

We have decades of experience of helping companies, charities and public sector bodies form meaningful and impactful strategies. 

Sometimes, we start from a clean slate with a fresh organisation, a start-up or a new division with bold aspirations, and other times we are starting from a complex contextual web of history. Either way we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you grow. 

Helping the bold and the brave grow 

We can take a facilitative and consultative approach to helping you form your growth strategy. We always look to meld opinions from leadership teams with our experiences and organisational and external data. 

This combination of information and views forms the perfect ingredients to start making structured, prioritised and sometimes difficult judgements from on the most intrinsic matters to any growth ambition. 

From judgements comes outputs. We don’t like writing long meaningless, standardised, strategy documents that sit in a dusty part of the cloud. We make sure that the outputs are pre-agreed and are as sharp or broad as the context requires. From there we support with execution at a leadership and operational teams level as required. 

We have supported businesses through the following strategic challenges:

  • setting a vision that everyone is unified behind 
  • building a strategy to increase the value of a business 3x in 5 years 
  • building a strategy to develop a housing company within a public sector organisation
  • helping several businesses build ambitious strategies to expand internationally
  • improving the operational efficiency of several companies 
  • succession planning and management buyout preparation 
  • helping a struggling software business pivot and then raise £13m of additional funding 
  • merging two companies following an acquisition 
  • growing a community interest company through acquisition
  • building a strategy to develop a company over 3 years to optimise its sale value 
  • crafting a Joint Venture strategy to help two companies work together to enter a new market 

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