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Creating a strategic plan

Helping you develop a clear plan and put it into action

Creating your business and strategy plan

A process for progress

Even if your objectives are not clearly focussed or set in stone, it’s still vital you have a detailed plan for achieving them.

We can help you with the strategic planning process, giving you the best chance of reaching your goals, whatever they are and whatever might happen in your market.

Turning your plans into action

We start with a discovery exercise to understand where your company is, and where you’d like it to be. Then we work with you to create and implement a strategy to get you there. With a clear strategy, you’ll find it easier to plan and make changes that sharpen your competitive edge, boost growth, increase profits and meet your objectives.

The process we take you through normally involves:

  • conducting a discovery exercise
  • creating a draft strategy
  • testing it out in practice
  • monitoring the strategy
  • refining the strategy (an ongoing process)
  • making internal changes if necessary – in areas such as improving process and technology, reduction or elimination of waste, strengthening leadership and governance, or [new] product and innovation
  • external activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, new market entry, joint ventures or sales and marketing.

As well as helping you achieve your objectives, your strategic plan will make your business more attractive to third-party investors – whether you want to raise capital for growth or sell your business.

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