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We’re here to support ambitious organisations in their journeys to make game-changing steps forward. We can equip you with the powerful and insight-driven strategies you’ll need to succeed.

Specialist corporate finance support for your entire business lifecycle

Are you an ambitious organisation ready to take game-changing steps forward? If so, we’re here to support you all the way through your business lifecycle. Our expert corporate finance advisory team can equip you with the powerful, insight-led strategies you’ll need to succeed.

No matter what your short or long-term business aims look like, team of specialists can help you achieve them. The world of corporate finance can be complex and challenging. But the right advice can put you on the path to growth and expansion. That’s what Price Bailey are here for.  

Do you require corporate finance advice?

The Price Bailey team can offer a significant depth of cross-sector knowledge. With the skills and expertise at our disposal, we’re ideally placed to support clients with a broad range of corporate finance advisory requirements. We work with:

Why choose Price Bailey for corporate finance ?

There are numerous aspects to corporate finance. Due diligence, M&As, strategic planning, and transaction services are just some activities that benefit from our highly commercial, joined-up approach. It’s not just the finance aspects that we can advise on. Here at Price Bailey, we work across departments – calling on our experts from other teams to support you as a business.

If it’s holistic advice you require, we’re here to provide it. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to be sure you can trust the advice you receive. Our skill and expertise mean we can be that trusted partner you need.

  • We get to know you and your concerns – so we can solve your business challenges
  • We serve regional, national, and international businesses, as well as private clients
  • We have in-depth experience of the sectors that call for specific market knowledge

It’s what ensures we can offer tailored advisory services based on your unique aspirations and needs. It’s also what makes us an award-winning, top 30 business advisory firm in the UK.

Contact us online for more details about the strategic corporate finance services we deliver.

What sets us apart from other advisors?

Price Bailey LLP is a full service firm, which means we are fully accustomed to working across departments to provide the best value. Not only can we serve your corporate finance and due diligence needs, but we also can connect you with other areas of expertise within the firm in order to support you in achieving your strategic goals.

Some examples of common collaborations are:

  • Support with tax planning and developing an appropriate share incentive scheme ahead of a capital fundraise. We can introduce you to our tax specialists, who can use their experience to provide relevant, practical advice that works in conjunction with our corporate finance advice.
  • Considering hiring a key member of your management team or negotiating an MBO? We work with our employment lawyers who can advise on contracts and director service agreements. They can also ensure that nothing contravenes anything in shareholders’ agreements and Articles of Association
  • An increasing number of businesses are now turning to software and solutions to drive operational efficiencies. Our business systems team can help you find the right answer that will scale with you as your operations

We also appreciate the importance of different perspectives and experience, however. We can often provide all aspects of the work. But the scope of our advice can include suggesting when other advisors should be engaged too.

You can also explore our various case studies and see how we’ve helped real businesses with all aspects of corporate finance. Or, if you have a question, feel free to contact us online today.

Meet our corporate finance advisory team

We’ve built a specialist strategic corporate finance team to support all your needs. We are committed to helping future-focused leadership teams and investors drive growth and improve business performance. All our specialists are handpicked and come from diverse backgrounds – including corporate financiers, strategists, accountants, mathematicians, and analysts.

It’s why we believe we offer the UK’s only strategy-led finance advisory team with a core focus on SMEs. As such, we can fully integrate so many critical services. And it means we can also take responsibility for your transaction-led, strategic growth.

It means you can have complete confidence in the corporate finance advice that we deliver.

Our corporate finance services: Take the next step

If you’re a forward-thinking business planning for the next chapter, get in touch with Price Bailey today. Our specialist team can equip you with robust, strategic insights to help you develop and expand. Contact us online or reach out to your closest office. Let us deliver the corporate finance advice and support you need to build the business that’s bigger and better.

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