Fulfilment services

For companies situated within this industry, we are well place to support and guide you throughout every stage of your journey, from starting up to funding growth and structuring.

Our teams at Price Bailey have many years’ experience working with companies and individuals situated within the fulfilment and distribution services industry. We have experts that truly understand the challenges you are facing, and want to help you overcome these.

Before we begin working with you, we take the time to listen, gaining a deep understanding of you, your practice, your objectives, and any obstacles you face.

We provide expert accountancy, financial, and taxation advice to secure a successful future for you and your business.

Expert knowledge to support your business

Many businesses in this sector are finding it increasingly important to be technologically agile, and with consumers currently placing high demands on fulfilment centres and expecting them to have the operations and resources in place to keep them up to date on their goods arriving in real time. As a result, many fulfilment centres are having to integrate with logistics providers in order to achieve this effectively.

Frequently, fulfilment centres are heavily dependent on the e-commerce sector. Whilst e-commerce is undoubtedly growing rapidly, there are times when the sector is restricted by external trends, with consumer patterns alternating between buying larger and smaller goods, as seen over the pandemic. This presents pressures and opportunities on fulfilment centres to adapt to changing behaviours successfully – depending on the location of the fulfilment centre and the funding that is available to you.

There are also large players situated within the fulfilment centre space, with deep pockets to invest in automation and technology. Facing these are smaller centres who are trying to compete with their niches. This imbalance forces centres to compete in a more unique way.

In addition to our strategists working with you to create a competitive business plan that secures your competitive edge and future, we can also help you find business software solutions that will drive operational efficiencies as you scale your operations.

Other services include:

You can read more about the specialist services we can provide to logistics, haulage, and freight forwarders below.

If you are situated within the consumer transport industry you can find out more about how we can support you here.



Like many industries across the globe, the logistics industry has faced severe disruption, bringing with it new risks and opportunities.

Unsurprisingly due to the pandemic, the logistics industry shrank in size from €6trillion to €5.73trillion. It is expected to bounce back significantly, with a predicted size of €6.9trillion by 2024.

Looking towards the future, the success of logistical companies will be determined by how effectively they respond to the issues the pandemic has created. This includes:

  • changing individual and industrial customer expectations, who have come to expect quicker consignments at a lower price.
  • Labour shortages,
  • adopting new technologies to meet consumer expectations and reduce costs,
  • new entrants with a forward-thinking and competitive product and marketing mix

Supporting you in fulfilling your business ambitions

At Price Bailey, we have successfully guided and supported many regional, national, and international logistics firms as they seek to grow and develop their businesses. Our team of finance and tax specialists can support your company in taking proactive measures in this period of economic recovery – helping you to focus on expanding your business.

Whether you’re a start-up wanting guidance or an established firm with big ambitions, we can tailor our services to suit you. From helping you alleviate the pressure of day-to-day jobs of running your company by managing your accounts and finances accurately and efficiently, to guidance in developing your strategy and financial plan.

We can also support with:

  • audit and accounting services
  • tax and group structure solutions
  • advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • financial modelling
  • guidance on different types of funding including, private equity funding and lending
  • management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • creating a strategic plan
  • VAT advice

Freight forwarders

Our accounting and tax experts understand the unique concerns of the freight forwarding industry and will support you with advice based on in-depth sector knowledge.

We adopt an individual focus that extends beyond advice

We offer an extensive range of services, which ensures you have access to highly relevant knowledge and resources, wherever your objectives and challenges lie.

We’re here to help you. Our services include:

  • support so you are fully complying with relevant legislation
  • guiding you through financial opportunities available to you
  • providing a fully integrated, or partly outsourced, finance function
  • strategic advice, from expanding into new international markets, to mergers and acquisitions
  • producing annual accounts and tax returns
  • VAT advice
  • pro-active and risk based audits that can add significant value to your business
  • employee management

Unlock genuine value from teams that really understand your business

Freight forwarders are an integral part of the supply chain, and despite facing significant disruptions to their workforce, operations, regulations, and supply chains, the ever-continuing growth of international trade will only strengthen them in the future.

With consumer expectations changing to expect shorter delivery times, and the rapid expansion of the e-commerce industry fuelling demand, now is an important time as any to seek expert support regarding the strategic planning of your company, financial support, and tax advice.

Client contact time

Our approach to ‘client contact time’ enables us to work in partnership with you, and means we are always available to give guidance and proactive support throughout the year.

‘Client contact time’ includes uncharged meeting time built into our relationship, so we can better understand your requirements.


Our teams provide specialist, in-depth experience in key sectors where market conditions demand specific expertise, so you can be assured that the advice we give you is always appropriate and effective, even in the most complex of business environments.

Supporting you in the long-run

Many haulage companies are finding the present economic environment relatively challenging, although it does present some opportunities.

Whilst the huge shortage of HGV drivers coupled with the rising fuel costs is currently limiting marketing growth, optimism can be found in technological advancements, the opportunities e-commerce presents in terms of quick delivery times, and growing industrialisation – offering haulage companies other avenues for market expansion.

At Price Bailey, we have various teams across the firm that have experience working with national and international haulage firms looking to expand their business.

We can offer services beyond the normal compliance work, including:

Saving you time and money

If the day-to-day job of managing your own business is taking up time and resources better spent elsewhere, then our Outsourcing team is here to make your life easier. From bookkeeping and payroll, to support with business administration and credit control, the support we provide is tailored exactly to your needs.



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